Gluten Free Recipes

Cinnamon Rolls using Valley Kitchen All-Purpose Flour Blend


Dough Ingredients

1 Pkg (7 g) Active Dry Yeast

1 Cup (250 ml) Warm Milk

1/2 Cup (113 g) White Granulated Sugar

1/3 Cup (75 g) Butter

1 tsp (5 g) Salt (optional)

4 Cups (500 g) Valley Kitchen All-Purpose Flour Blend

Filling Ingredients

1 Cup (175 g) Brown Sugar

3 Tbsp (24 g) Cinnamon

1/3 Cup (75 g) Butter



1) Dissolve the active dry yeast in the warm milk (105-110 degrees Fahrenheit/ 41-43 degrees Celcius) in a small bowl and set aside for 5-10 minutes to proof.

2) While yeast is proofing, add sugar, butter, salt, eggs, and flour to a large mixing bowl, mix well.

3) Pour the milk/yeast mixture into the bowl, mix until well combined

4) Place dough inyo a bowl, cover and let rise in a warm place about 1 hour or until the dough has doubled in size. For best results, ensure bowl is warm prior to putting the dough in.

5) Roll the dough out on a lightly floured surface, until it is approx. 18 inches long by 12 inches wide. It should be approx. 1/4 inch thick.

6) Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Celcius. Grease a 9x13 inch baking pan.

7) To make the filling, combine the butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon in a bowl.

8) Spread the mixture evenly over the surface of the dough.

9) Working carefully, from the long edge, roll the dough down the bottom edge. The roll should be about 18 inches in length. Cut the roll into 1 1/2 inch slices.

10) Place the cut rolls in the prepared pan. Cover them with a damp towel. Let them rise for another 30 minutes or until they double in size.

11) Bake for 20 minutes or until light golden brown.

Top with a delicious vanilla or cream cheese frosting for a flavourful treat!